VIVALDI – Improve your online privacy logoVivaldi is a new web browser from Jon von Tetzchner, one of the co-founders of Opera.  It offers customization, and access to Chrome plugins.

If you use a mainstream browser, you might want to switch to Vivaldi to gain control over how some sites access and potentially exploit your personal data. There are also some excellent features, including a note-taking ability.

If you use Safari, you may also want to consider switching to Vivaldi to access extensions not available for Apple’s browser. But bear in mind the possibility that extensions may access personal data independently of the browser!

One drawback of Vivaldi is the lack of bookmark synchronization. It is possible to import bookmarks from other browsers. But for the moment, there is no way to sync bookmarks across different devices.


The ability to use Chrome extensions give Vivaldi a variety of customization options, but extensions can also affect your privacy in a negative way.

Go to Pick your extensions. To install the extension, click ‘Add to Chrome’, then ‘Add extensions’.

As far as Google can see, you’re using Chrome rather than Vivaldi, as it uses the Chromium engine, which makes most Chrome extensions compatible.